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Electronic Teasing Pet Toys

Electronic Teasing Pet Toys

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Electronic Teasing Pet Toys: Automatic Cat Toys Interactive Smart Teasing Pet LED Laser

Make playtime more exciting for your feline friend with our Automatic Cat Toys! Here's why it's a must-have for every cat owner:


Laser Light Fun: Offers endless entertainment for cats, serving as their perfect playmate.

Automatic Teaser: The laser rotates automatically, keeping your cat engaged and entertained.

Adjustable Settings: Customize the circle ranges with five different options to keep your cat guessing.

Handheld Mode: Allows owners to interact with their cats, strengthening the bond between human and pet.

Sturdy Build: Designed to withstand playtime with cats, ensuring durability and longevity.

Smart Functionality: Automatically operates for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours, providing intermittent play sessions.

Packaging Box Size: 78mm78mm193mm



  • Front Shell: PC+ABS
  • Back Cover: PC+ABS
  • Signs: Silica Gel

Color: White

Power Supply:

  • USB (for operation, not for charging; toy will not work without USB connection or batteries)
  • 4 AA Batteries (not included)


  • Automatic Mode:
    • Slow: Press the power button once.
    • Fast: Press the power button twice.
  • Manual Mode:
    • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

Laser Light:

  • Industrial Laser Lamp: Ensures consistent brightness even after prolonged use.

Product Display:

  • Provides entertainment for cats even when owners are busy or away.

Details Show:

  • Rotating laser teaser keeps cats engaged.
  • Adjustable circle ranges offer varied play experiences.
  • Handheld mode encourages owner-cat interaction.
  • Projects onto walls for added fun.
  • Sturdy construction prevents damage from playful cats.

Upgrade your cat's playtime with our Automatic Cat Toys! Click the image below to get yours now!

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